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December 2018

La Storia

The Martino Family / La Famiglia Martino

The Martino Family / La Famiglia Martino

The Martino family lived in a small village called Arpino in the province Frozione approximately 60 miles south of Rome. There, the family worked long days in the fields and farms owned by the Martinelli family, relatives of Italian royalty. The Martino’s worked and saved until the day came when they could make a better life for themselves in a country called the United States of America.

In the 1950’s, Alesandro Martino along with his teenage daughter, Ilda and son, Loretto boarded the Andrea Doria to join extended family in the Petersburg section of the City of Elizabeth.

Ilda Martino, who we know as Gilda, always dreamt of becoming the owner of her own business. And in 1978, she purchased Galerno’s Meat Market from proprietor, Frank Galerno. With a new name, IORIO Deli, a small kitchen stove and a hot plate she began to serve the same Italian dishes that her mother taught her.

Gilda & her sister Nanella

Gilda & her sister Nanella

It didn’t take long for people to know and enjoy her food. But for Gilda Martino DeIorio, this wasn’t enough. She had a vision of creating a place of her own, where people could bring their family and friends and enjoy her freshly made home cooked meals in an atmosphere of warmth, comfort and love. In 2001, her vision came to life with the creation of La Casa di Martino, a beautiful banquet hall reminding all that arrive of “old world Italy.”

For the past thirty three years, she has proudly prepared and served all who enjoyed her secret family’s recipes from Italy. We celebrate a tradition of homemade Italian food and a community of friends.

In Italy today, many of the Martino family still live in the same town where they grew up. Although aged, the original Martino home still stands. Gilda’s vision is a reminder of Italy and her family, food, and a place that was called…

“La Casa di Martino”